Food food food...

When food meets my lens magic happens :) Love these commissioned photographs for Stadsvilla Sonsbeek. Thanks to chéfs Pieter & Martijn!

Fien Rosie

This pretty little, new human came to visit my studio, Fien Rosie. You made me smile and I felt honoured to meet you and capture your expressions. Thanks M&M for introducing your daughter to my lens, 3 years after I've photographed your lovely wedding!


Barbara Kerkhof and Edwin Verdurmen organized the first ever Runcafe in Arnhem. With a festive and fun official start of this new adventure by alderman Gerry Elferink. Karina Dimitriu is responsible for their characterful logo (on screen).

so there it is...

After more than a year (maybe even longer) it's finally here: my new website! This shows the path I'm taking and my signature style. The photographs I'm showing you on here are images I believe in and secretly I'm in love with. I hope you feel the same.

A big thank you goes out to: Patrick, Moniek, Karina, Wouter, Suzanne and Ronald. Thanks for your help guys!

Thank you for taking your time to visit and explore, Masha