My love for photography began at a really young age, there are pictures of me photographing my collection of dolls when I was nearly 3 years old ;-) My professional life as a photographer kicked off 19 years later, in 2004, with my own business in art and commissioned photography:  Studio Masha Bakker. Since then I already had the privilege to photograph many amazing moments, places, people and concepts. 

As you can imagine I can't live without my camera. Also pretty images make me very happy. Traveling, good food, Luuk (my dog and studio mascote), my boyfriend and beautiful daughter; these things inspire me to work without boundaries and do the things I love in such a way that it doesn’t feel as work. 

I studied Fine Arts at Artez (Arnhem) and graduated in 2004. In 2007, I felt the need to explore more of my creativeness and started with the Master Study Photography at the Art School Sint Joost (Breda). In 2009, I graduated with a series of photographs and other mixed media researching Croatia's recent history. I've had several successful exhibitions with these series, yet gradually, I started receiving more and more commissioned assignments, and my work as a commercial photographer began to grow. I've developed my own signature using natural daylight and letting the photo tell the story behind product, food, people, and art.
Now, I find myself being able to express my creativity, and I enjoy telling stories through images working for many different clients: big companies, small restaurants, young designers, etc. There is one thing that all my customers share with me: an enormous passion for what they create. 

When talent meets passion people are in their element. I am in my element photographing food, life style, interior, product, fashion and portraits. 

Want to commission me? Drop me a line at info@mashabakker.com.

I am looking forward to hear from you! 

ps: if you're interested in purchasing one or more of my images (yes, they are for sale!) let me know. We will discuss your wishes and find the perfect image for you. My web shop will be opening soon!